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    Nancy S. Reece-WRITERS AND PUBLISHERS – Our Other Family Relationship

    10 Sep 2014

    First and foremost, congratulations to Keith Publishing on their fourth anniversary. It is a testimony to Mary and her crew of the labor and dedication they have poured into this. Because of Keith, many new voices are being heard / read and that is always a good thing.

    What most readers don’t realize is that publishing isn’t just the end result of writing. It’s a relationship, between the writer, the publisher, and the readers. Each time a writer sits down in front of their keyboard, the person they are writing for isn’t themselves. We writers are closet extroverts. We set our thoughts, dreams, imagination, down on paper hoping that someone will understand those feelings and interpret them the way the writer intended.

    Sounds confusing, doesn’t it? Most writers would deny it vehemently and tell you they write for themselves. That’s only our insecurities talking out loud. If we were writing for ourselves it would be a journal, not a manuscript. But even the most timid among us want to find a publisher. Someone who not only understands the words and emotions the writer has poured into their book, but sees the road for sharing those words with others. That’s what publishers do – they bring our cherished children into adolescence and eventually into the real world.


    Every publisher is different. If you don’t believe me, just check out the submission requirements for three different publishers. Everyone has a set of hoops they want the author to jump through before deciding whether or not to take a chance on a new writer. Without those hoops, image the mountain of drivel that would pour into their mailboxes (snail and electric)? Follow the hoops, and your dreams can all come true, if you can find the right combination.

    Mary took a chance with a complete unknown and signed me for a three book fantasy series. She saw the dreams and emotions and decided others should enjoy them as well. For that I will be eternally grateful. I have my mountain of rejection letters and emails, along with spam contacts from publishers who will take your money but never publish your work. They keep me going when I feel discouraged.

    My writing is my passion, my obsession, and my sanity. The characters are all part of me, and I guard them with the same possessiveness I have for my flesh and blood children. Just like my real children, I want to know my works are in the hands of people who will nurture and support them. Navigating the literary world is difficult, and it feels nice to have a publisher who understands how important our ‘children’ are to us.

    Never let a publisher change who you are as a writer. A good publisher will help you, guide you, and find the extrovert hiding inside. I am proud to be a part of the Keith Publications family. It has been a great fit for this novice learning to fly.

    Now, onward and upward to bigger and better things, both for Keith and myself.


    Short Bio:  Born in Pennsylvania but raised in Georgia, Nancy Reece spends her days dealing with four horses, three dogs, two cats, and also her human family. Originally trapped in the world of computer software, she now works in the special event industry when she isn’t sweating away over a new project. She loves reading, writing, traveling, and peace and quiet.



    To find out more about Nancy S. Reece follow the links below.

    Contact Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Website: www.NancySReece.com


    Blog: www.blonde-not-dumb.blogspot.com


    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nancy-S-Reece-Author




     Leave a comment for your chance to win an Ebook copy of Nancy Reeces'-"January Frost"!


    Blurb of Book:

    Evelyn Graham-Frost had it all: a job she loved, a daughter she adored, and a life far away from the pain and bitterness of her childhood. Then in the flash of an eye, everything disappears when a career-ending fall from her world champion show horse, Grey Cliffs’ Snowman, lands Evelyn on the ground and jobless.


    When the offer to return to her childhood   home as the new trainer at Grey Cliffs presents itself, she is torn between the life she’s built, and the love of the man she ran away from ten years previous. Going back means giving her daughter a chance to connect with the father she’s never met, but it also means facing again the horror of what happened that long ago evening.


    Unsure if those old demons will help with the healing her body and soul are going through, it may take some convincing before Evelyn realizes the only path into her future lies straight though the shadows in the past.


    Excerpt of Book:

    When I was a child, love was simple. I remember the moment I fell in love with my first horse. I remember my first human love, which was also the first broken heart I experienced. Then there was the love I came to feel the moment I saw my newborn child’s face, so alike her father and yet so different. Perhaps the most reckless was love reborn from mad folly, brought about by the offspring of a horse and the betrayal of a man I thought I knew. So yes, while others sing of love as wonderful and heady and encompassing, I have come to regard love as the downfall of my sanity. Every painful moment started as an act of love and ended poorly.

    Would I change any moment of my life to avoid the pain? Never, for only through pain are we made to feel alive. The pain lets us know these things that are happening to us are real, no matter how desperately we might wish otherwise.


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