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Yo God! Jay's Story

By June Capossela Kempf
"Yo God! You got me into this, now get me out." Jonathan's story will leave the reader questioning how he could manage all his conflicts - especially those dealing with faith. .

The Road To God

By Anthony Rhine
"I am not a messiah," Daniel Bolton proclaims in the first few lines of The Road to God, as he waits to preach to a stadium of tens of thousands. It is Bolton's fascinating journey that draws him deep into his understanding of religion, why it exists, and how it is informed by those spirits who share with him the deepest secrets of the afterlife. .

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  • Renee Richards

    The author of this collection of stories is renowned eye surgeon and highly ranked tennis player, RENÉE RICHARDS. Born in 1934 as RICHARD RASKIND, Renee was thrust into the international spotlight for her sex reassignment surgery after she won a women’s tennis tournament. Opposition to her being allowed to play tennis competitions led to a landmark court case that ultimately gave her the right to play. The controversy became worldwide news. She is a graduate of Yale and the University of Rochester School of Medicine, an Eastern Tennis Hall of Fame inductee. Read More
  • Cheryl Rees-Price

    Alice Haper is an ordinary woman with a good career, handsome husband, and a comfortable home. But her life is suddenly thrown into turmoil when she begins to experience terrifying nightmares of a young soldier. These dreams set in motion a chain of events that irrevocably change her life. As the nightmares intensify and merge with reality, Alice begins to sustain physical injury and to see the ghostly figure of the soldier in her waking hours. Fearing for her sanity, she must find the identity of the soldier and the link that draws them together. Her search takes her from New York to a sleepy village in Wales. Here she meets a cantankerous old man who holds the key to unlocking a sixty-year-old tragedy. It started as a nightmare, an unknown soldier, and glimpses of a buried past. Then a death occurs, and the nightmares turn into hauntings. It’s time for secrets to be told. Read More
  • William Haltom

    In the current political and cultural environment, civility is going the way of the dinosaur. Our “leaders” now argue for the sake of argument, accuse for the sake of advantage, and seek to demonize those with opposing points of view. Consequently, public governance has become dysfunctional. But there was a time when civility and collegiality and teamwork were cherished American values. There was a time when leaders from opposing political parties were actually friends and tried without compromising their principles to work together in a bipartisan effort to promote the general welfare. One of the greatest exemplars of this civility was a United States Senator from Tennessee. For over forty years, he was a leader in the most contentious arenas in American life: courtrooms, political campaigns, the halls of Congress, and the White House. In all of these venues, he practiced the art of strategic civility that brought adversaries together, finding agreement often to their surprise. The Senator was Howard H. Baker, Jr. of Tennessee, and to this day, he remains a role model of what strategic civility can accomplish. Read More
  • Debra Pickett

    “Woven from the threads of her own life as a newswoman and a deep familiarity with Kenya, Debra Pickett's debut novel is the literary version of a carefully crafted Kente cloth. Nothing is predictable in this shrewdly plotted book about values, choices, Africa and America. Moreover, you will dawdle as you come to the last pages because you won't want to leave the side of Pickett's fascinating heroine.” -- Margo Howard, "Dear Margo" for Creators Syndicate Television journalist Sara Simone has just landed a huge story, the one she’s sure will propel her from her local news job in Chicago straight to a network anchor chair. But, when her reporting takes her to the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, she finds herself unable to maintain her usual cool distance from tragedy. Her great talent, getting grieving relatives on camera, doing those wretched “how do you feel?” interviews, seems not just inadequate, but actually wrong. So, instead of doing her job, she walks away, soon finding herself quite literally directionless. Desperate to get out of the slums, she climbs on board the first bus she sees and winds up at an old safari lodge in the Rift Valley. The colonial relic feels, at first, like a haven of respite, a quiet place to figure things out and plan her next move. Can she salvage the career she abandoned in the slums? Does she even want to? Living a life, she soon discovers, can be far more complicated than merely reporting about one. Read More
  • Stephanie Campbell

    When sixteen-year-old Rin sees a meteor hit the earth, he is determined to find it. He expected to see a large, hulking piece of rubble. What he finds, though, is something much different—a white flower. Though his heart warns him again it, he touches the frigid plant and trickles blood all over it. The flower grows until it’s six feet tall. Rin does the only thing that any normal person would do: he runs away screaming. But he cannot get the flower out of his mind, even though he is terrified. When he returns, he finds a girl where the flower had been. She is beautiful, smart, and dangerous, and she belongs solely to him. It is from her that he learns that truth about her alien existence. Unfortunately, she’s not the only alien around. Read More
  • Ellen Cummins

    Lizbeth is not your ordinary town and Addison Flynn has been chosen to know its secrets. Its magic keeps the town’s dead locked inside the waters of Lake Lizze; holding the reckless and careless souls deep beneath the darkened waters---and Addison holds the key to setting them free. The stories of the lake told to her by her grandfather are more than true, but there is so much more than she knows. Everything shifts when her best friend Shay dies in a diving rock accident and something new emerges from the lake, but it’s not what you’d expect. There are places unknown to the world that are so dark, only the strongest of hearts will survive. The real story of Lizbeth lies tucked inside this place, alongside the most colorful magic you will ever come to know. Read More
  • Nicole Schenz

    Alyssa Miyamoto is Ebony, a young woman trained in ninjutsu. Shortly after parent’s death, she learns of the lies and deceit that brought on their deaths. Now she goes after the man responsible and hopes to pay him back for all he has done. Read More
  • June Capossela Kempf

    "Yo God! You got me into this, now get me out." That tough FTW in-your-face attitude masks a TLC softie, who meets his fate with courage, dignity and style. He was no ordinary poster kid. Jonathan's story will leave the reader questioning how he could manage all his conflicts - especially those dealing with faith. Read More
  • Cassandra Ulrich

    An avid pool table player, Gina has yet to meet her match among her billiard pals. Pete O’Reily, one of the guys she plays against at a local bar, finds someone he thinks will finally give her a challenging game. Gina was thrilled she could finally compete with someone who sharpened her skills, but Sean Savage became much more to her after a few games. She started falling in love with Sean who remained loyal to his career-focused girlfriend, Cindy. Gina, having been hurt by a cheating ex-boyfriend, is determined not to cause the same pain to any woman. Because of this, she keeps her feelings for Sean a secret from everyone except her flamboyant cousin Gene and a girlfriend on the other side of the city. Without realization, Sean stretches her ability to do this whenever he visits her like she’s one of the guys. Conflict occurs on many fronts: Gina avoids her ex, Hank, who wants to get back together; Sean longs to marry Cindy who spends more time at work than with him; and Gina has a falling out with Sean when he tries to set her up with a friend of his. Will true love prevail? Read More
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  • “Discovery” is a fast-paced 59,000 word novel that takes place in upstate New York. It revolves around an elaborate scheme to defraud federal stimulus dollars as well as competing Albany mafia mobs, an estranged husband-wife consultants
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    • Mystery
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  • Life altering events draw Bee Specialist, Gabrielle Angelo into the immortal life drama of Professor Colton Stone, the last remaining member of the O'Logha Clan; the last of the Sweet Blood Bee Vampires. Together they take
    Read More
    • Romance
    • Fantasy
    • Paranormal
  • It's Christmas time in Puffville and the Puffs are preparing to put on their annual holiday play for King Puffington. But the Naughty Puffs have something else in mind. They would rather destroy everything and ruin
    Read More
    • Childrens
    • Holiday
  • Brought up in foster care, Harmony Jones didn't know she was the first, and only, half human, half vampire, until Zander Washington moved into the apartment across the hall. A full blood vampire, he's been sent
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Call Him Mr. Right or Call Him A Cab!

by Debra Hart

Experience a new approach to finding true love through a method called Four-Zone Dating.  Step-by-step, zone by zone, let the proven principles of this technique answer your questions, provide personal fulfillment, and lead you straight to your M. R.  R. I. G. H. T. (Meaningful Rewarding Relationship Inspiring Genuine Healthy Togetherness)!  

The Shifters

by G.E.Stills

Jeff is often amused and in awe as he watches and experiences, his beautiful witch, Gail practice her pagan ways. He embraces her spells and incantations that weave an ever strengthening bond between them. Although not a believer himself, he frequently takes part in her rituals. He can sense her emotions just as he can perceive her inside him, sharing his own. At times, he sees what she sees and feels what she feels. When they take on a new case this new unity they share will be tested. A deadly threat will jeopardize their very survival.



Drew Embers and the Enchanted Sword

by K. A. Saylor

Drew and her friends are now responsible for learning and controlling powers they have inherited from a long line of Bloodlines. Each set of powers has its own quirks and customizations that must be mastered if the friends are to help this struggling world against The Rebels who wish to see it overturned.

Women on Fire

by Carol Sumilas Boshears

Be careful what you wish for -- you might get it! Meet Egypt: she's interested and educated in archaeology and antiques. Meet Gina: she's Egypt's best friend, and a shopaholic millionaire with a questionable "Family". Desperate to escape the constraints of their small town world, it's a dream come true when Egypt and Gina find work at NYC-based company, Eternal Treasures. But they soon discover that strange things are going on, that some questions are dangerous to ask, and that one mystery only leads to more. From foreign organized crime to computer-hacking, Egypt and Gina are tested to the limits -- and whatever else happens, their world will never be the same again...  


Jezebeth  by SE Campbell

When Annabelle Wyck loses her sister, Mary, she falls into despair. Her mother is cold and aloof and her father has been an alcoholic as long as she can remember. She is drawn into the world of handsome, glamorous Jonah Whitewood. On the outside, he is the perfect man. Unfortunately, Annabelle learns too late that inside he is poisonous.

To Know Her is to Love Her

by G.E.Stills

Jeff and Gail's relationship has grown to love over the passing months. He finds her witchy practices amazing and sometimes comical. Over time Gail's witch powers have increased. Life is good for them. Then a High Priestess in New Mexico contacts them and requests Jeff's help in locating a number of her coven members that have suddenly gone missing. To his dismay, Gail goes with him. Her new powers prove helpful in Jeff's investigation. He uncovers a sinister and evil plot which he is determined either to thwart or to die trying.


The School of Ministry by Braxton A. Cosby

A young man named Ziv struggles to find his place in life after both of his parents are murdered. Orphaned and alone by the age of six, he bounces in and out of foster homes hopeless and afraid, wondering if he will ever find a path to happiness. He resolves to accept a life of depravity, until one day he discovers he possesses the gift of sight: to see creatures from the afterlife, but not angels...demons! Ziv is recruited by The School of Ministry, a secret society that promises to help him find his best friend Stephanie, who has gone missing. Ziv learns that he is a "Conduit," which allows him to cross over into the spirit world and transcend time itself. An untimely love triangle clouds Ziv's judgment, forcing him to choose between the love of his life and the new female interest Evan. Ziv becomes entrenched in a quest of identity, love, and will, he eventually comes face to face with pure evil itself--Akabod, the spiritual prodigal son to the School of Ministry and a master of talents.

Visual Eats by Enzo Fargione

A Behind-the-Scenes look at Modern Italian cooking. A brilliant take on personalized modern Italian cuisine in over 300 recipes, childhood memories, celebrity chef's spicy tales, and food critics professional insights.


Uncle Byron

by Lea Anne Wickizer

Most everyone seems to have one family member who does not quite fit in with others. This story is about Uncle Byron, who is one family's special member. He has a way of upsetting the townspeople and all are faced with the question of what to do with Uncle Byron.


The Missing Pelliger Papers

by Karlene R. Price

This fantasy adventure for nine to twelve year olds teaches them every one, no matter their race, has strengths and flaws, and bullying is an unacceptable behavior. While attending his first year at the Pelliger Academy for Magical and Mundane Arts, Jyraud Revisa learns to cope with the troll bully, Raleigh, as he and his six friends hunt for the missing Pelliger Papers.



Allie the Annoying Elephant

by Kennedy Keller

Allie the Annoying Elephant has a problem: She loves to laugh and tell silly jokes. Whenever she finds new friends, something about her jokes always annoys them, and they don't want to be her friend anymore. This makes Allie very sad. Follow Allie through the ups and downs of finding a true friend who will let her just be herself.

Puffs Christmas

10 Busy Brownies by Talia Haven

Count the Brownies up to 10 as they go about their night time chores.

Recommended for ages 2-5 years old.



E is for Evelyn

by Stephanie Campbell

At eight years old, Lee Murdox has seen far more pain than a child should ever know. His father leaves him and his mother, abandoning them for greener pastures. His mother, wedded at eighteen, gives up any hope and completely allows her son to starve. But all is not lost for Lee. His odd personality reveals the truth: he has one of the highest IQs in the United States. He sets out on his plan to create a "psychic machine." That way, "Nobody will ever have to be uncertain about their future again."


E is for Evolution

by Stephanie Campbell

After Dr. Murdox's psychic machine, Evelyn, is built, it does just as he planned it. It can tell the future and suggest what actions the world should take. Unfortunately, Evelyn does not just read the future. The machine causes a war between major countries of Earth and causes rifts to form around the planet. After a millennia of fighting, Earth is nearly destroyed. Winser Rogan has been a part of this world his entire life. All he knows is starvation. That is why when his home is destroyed by an earthquake, he does not panic and begins a journey with his sister and best friend to find a new home. Unfortunately, his journey may bring him more than he bargained for.


E is for Eternity

by Stephanie Campbell

After Dr. Murdox's psychic machine, Evelyn, is built, it does just as he planned it. It can tell the future and decide what actions the world should take. Unfortunately, Evelyn does not just read the future. The machine causes a war between major countries and causes rifts to form. After millennia of fighting, Earth is destroyed and the people are forced to re-locate on three separate planets. The winners of the war live on the planet of abundance, Milica, along with the machine, Evelyn. The losers of the war live on a desolate, hot, degraded world called Annona. When Clarimonde, a headstrong young woman who lives on Milica, is sent by her father to visit Annona, she has no idea her whole life is about to change.


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