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    • Debra Hart

      Call Him Mr. Right or Call Him a Cab! puts a unique spin on a subject matter that has spun itself out of control - dating. Face it...you have gone from adolescence to adulthood asking the same questions over and over when it comes to dating and its many unwelcome dilemmas. You have looked to your girlfriends, co-workers, and therapist, with tears in your eyes and pain in your heart hoping that one day one of them would have the answers. Well look no further. Discover the secret to successful dating when you uncover the fifteen Roadblocks that have thrown you Read More
    • Dr Augustine L Perrotta

      Doctor Perrotta gives us an insider’s view of public personalities and private figures from a unique medical perspective and his connection to them. He dispels myths, urban legends and junk science with authoritative facts and personal insights. Ranging from birth to bereavement, this book is an upbeat and sometimes startling account of the human condition treated with sensitivity and humor. Read More
    • Kennedy Keller

      Allie the Annoying Elephant has a problem: She loves to laugh and tell silly jokes. Whenever she finds new friends, something about her jokes always annoys them, and they don’t want to be her friend anymore. This makes Allie very sad. Follow Allie through the ups and downs of finding a true friend who will let her just be herself. Written with heart and humor by ten-year-old Kennedy Keller, Allie the Annoying Elephant is the first book in the Allie the Elephant series. Lovingly brought to life in beautiful, hand-painted illustrations by André Jolicoeur, Allie is sure to find a Read More
    • Ellen Cummins

      Sadie's heart should have never been allowed to beat. And the scene of her birth is not something you should imagine while sitting alone in the dark. She was created in a petri dish-half human-half vampire. And she thinks she's the only one. Unable to fit in, killing whomever she tries to love, she banishes herself into hiding only feeding on the lowest of the low. But there are some things even the stealthiest and hungriest of vampires can't avoid. A sick minded man will find his way back. Doctor Gentry, the man that created and abandoned her, is back Read More
    • Frank Stefanick

      In 1880s Colorado, Trace Selby carries a heavy shadowed burden of love lost. His emptiness is replaced by his gun. He hires out to retrieve stolen valuables, but refuses to kill for money. When provoked, he will kill swiftly and without remorse. Everything seems about to change for Trace when he is reunited with his former sweetheart. But her husband has other plans. Trace's morals are challenged when her husband plans to hire Trace to deal with his two renegade sons--by any means necessary. Trace is embroiled in a tangle of double-crossing deceit, while he only wants to have a Read More
    • Jackie James

      Major Elizabeth Harper of the Arizona Rangers, Liz to her friends, picks up an over the top handsome stranger in the desert who seemed to have fallen and hit his head on a rock. He claims to be an Arizona Ranger from 1903. Liz doesn’t believe him but for the moment doesn’t have a better explanation. Nathan Calhoun is an Arizona Territorial Ranger who lives in Bisbee, Arizona and rides the deserts of Arizona to catch cattle rustlers, bank robbers, and other bad guys. He is on his way home after finding and killing three cattle rustlers when a bolt Read More
    • Renee Richards

      The author of this collection of stories is renowned eye surgeon and highly ranked tennis player, RENÉE RICHARDS. Born in 1934 as RICHARD RASKIND, Renee was thrust into the international spotlight for her sex reassignment surgery after she won a women’s tennis tournament. Opposition to her being allowed to play tennis competitions led to a landmark court case that ultimately gave her the right to play. The controversy became worldwide news. She is a graduate of Yale and the University of Rochester School of Medicine, an Eastern Tennis Hall of Fame inductee. Read More
    • Elizabeth Thomas

      In 1661, Arden West runs away from an abusive Puritan stepfather with the goal of becoming one of the first actresses of the London stage. One of the first people she meets is the jaded and sensual aristocrat Robert Courtenay, and sparks fly hot and fast between them. Will he help or harm her new career? Will she give up her quest for fame for him? Will he give up his arranged betrothal for her? Will her stepfather succeed in dragging her back to his peculiar brand of torment? And what of Charles II's desire to make Arden his royal Read More
    • Frank Stefanick

      Doc and her son, Jeremy move to Sandy’s ranch and become a family. Three years have passed since Frank Rodeen killed Roger Quinn and Cadillac Red. He has gone into hiding. All efforts by the government law enforcement agencies have failed to locate him. There is a faction within the government that consider Frank a loose cannon with information if made public, would have a serious effect on the political structure. Serina, Roger Quinn’s daughter, lies about wanting to avenge her father’s death and convinces these politicians that she can make Rodeen surface and eliminate their problem permanently. Unfortunately, her Read More
    • G.E. Stills

      Jeff is often amused and in awe as he watches and experiences, his beautiful witch, Gail practice her pagan ways. He embraces her spells and incantations that weave an ever strengthening bond between them. Although not a believer himself, he frequently takes part in her rituals. He can sense her emotions just as he can perceive her inside him, sharing his own. At times, he sees what she sees and feels what she feels. When they take on a new case this new unity they share will be tested. A deadly threat will jeopardize their very survival. Read More
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