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  • Saturday, August 17, 2019


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    Keith Publications invites all authors, new or veteran, of all genres to submit their literary works. Please carefully review the guidelines and remember this is your moment to impress.

    KP authors do not pay a fee to E-publish, which includes, editing, cover art, and assignment of an ISBN; this applies to all manuscripts contracted with Keith Publications for E-publishing. KP also now offers paperback books in the form of POD, in which case if the author purchases books, they will pay for them, plus any s/h/tax.

    We prefer not to accept simultaneous submissions, but realize you have a lot of options. If you choose to submit to other publishers, PLEASE give us the courtesy of informing us immediately if you have another offer*. However, we will consider previously published print books for E-book publication if the author has all rights.

    * Please allow KP 8 to 12 weeks for review of your manuscript before inquiring or receiving the status of your submission. If submitted to a publisher prior to KP, confirm with publisher that a contract is not being offered before submitting to KP.

    We are open to general submissions of all genre/sub-genres. Submissions must be original, polished, entirely edited, and have relevance and or have an engaging story line for its intended genre. . We're looking for characters with strong arcs. The conflict must be well-developed, with the emphasis on tension that keeps us reading to the next page.


    ROMANCE: Any Romance sub-genre….Historical, modern, fantasy, western, erotica, contemporary, paranormal, etc.

    YOUNG ADULT: Any genre, fiction or non-fiction, geared towards teenage readers; Young love, life lessons, jr. high or high school drama, coping skills as a teen, teen parenting, sibling rivalry, education, healthy eating.

    PARANORMAL/FANTASY: This field is limitless. Spirits, haunting, witches, wizards, fairies, elves, dragons, shape shifters, zombies, and vampires. Newly conjured creations? Yes please.

    MYSTERY/SUSPENSE:Give us something we can sink deep into a chair, wonder what is going to happen and not have a clue.

    HEALTH: Cookbook, fitness, general health issues, surviving health issues.

    NONFICTION: Memoirs and real historical.

    SELF HELP: Parenting, relationships, women’s issues, spiritual.

    Submission Information

    Please Note: We do not accept paper submissions. KP only accepts submissions sent in .doc, .rft or .docx format to the Email listed for submissions only.

    When submitting books that have been previously published, you must have the rights to that book. Please provide details pertaining to payment forms i.e; money, tear sheets or electronic. When submitting, follow the directions below, as if it was a new book.

    Submission Guidelines

    Email submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In subject line please include: Submission… along with the title of your work and your name.

    In body of Email provide the following information:

    • Request a submission form
    • Real Name & Pen Name, if you have one
    • Contact Info: Email address, website link
    • Title of your submission
    • Genre
    • Word count
    • Short query letter
    • Short author bio

    In the same email, attach the full manuscript and full synopsis. Please send the synopsis and manuscript as two separate attachments, but in the same email. Include the title, word count, your name, phone number and email address on the manuscript.

    Manuscript Formatting:

    Please format your work (manuscript and synopsis) as follows:

    *When sending your manuscript/synopsis please name them: Title_Author initials_full/synopsis. For instance, if your name is Lynn Jacobs and you’re writing a book called Time Will Pass, you’d name your manuscript TimeWillPass_LJ_full and your synopsis TimeWillPass_LJ_KPsynopsis. This helps our editors keep submissions organized.

    • RTF (Rich Text File) or .doc or .docx (Word Document) file
    • Author name, phone number, email and book title should appear on the first page of your manuscript
    • Paper size 8.5” X 11”
    • 12pt Arial
    • Margins:  Top/Sides = 1”; Bottom = .08” 
    • Line spacing – single, double between paragraphs (The easiest way to do this in Word is to set it in the paragraph settings with 12 pt after and single space and 0's on everything else) and dialog NO Tab, NO INDENTS.
    • Page numbers, centered on bottom of each page
    • Page breaks in between chapters. DO NOT USE REURN TO GET TO THE NEXT PAGE.
    • Use three centered *** between scenes, different time frames and point of views with a line space before and after.
    • No use of formatting within the document such as Header 1, Header 2 etc.
    • No hard/formated quotes

    Use common sense.

    Please be sure that your manuscript has been thoroughly self-edited and is free of spelling and grammatical errors. Read and Re-Read…Polish and Re-Polish…Rewrite as often as you see fit or others critiquing you request a rewrite. Read your manuscript out loud and backwards, this will help you catch many errors or copy not flowing.

    When you have your manuscript polished to within an inch of its life and ready to go, please send a short query letter and your submission to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address. See instructions above.

    Please allow up to 4-6 months for a personal reply. We will try our best to get back to you ASAP. But please let us have the time needed, for several editors to read your manuscript and make comments and/or suggestions.

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