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    KP's-June Capossela Kempf

    June Capossela Kempf

    June Kempf120x143June was educated in parochial schools in Queens, New York, where a strong religious ethic was cultivated. She attended St. John's University seeking a BA in English. She switched to Music after winning a partial vocal scholarship to the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music.

    After her marriage to best friend Ron, she moved to Long Island where she split her time between raising three children, and working a potpourri of part time jobs ranging from substitute teaching to banking.

    When her youngest son developed a serious life threatening disease, June was forced to deal with challenges to care giving, schooling, sibling rivalry; as well as threats to relationships with extended family, friends and God. Seeking more community support, June and her husband eventually discovered the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), where they went on to devote thirty years, volunteering for 'Jerry's kids.

    For June. coping meant writing. She soon began cranking out articles for the MDA newsletter covering subjects of interest to Suffolk County chapter kids and their families . She wrote poems and stories, some of which were published in the Canine Companions for Independence publication and appeared in the National Library of Poetry. She received a second prize award from the Angel Animal Network for a story about her son's service dog. During this period, June also wrote a humorous column for a church newsletter, but was terminated after two years when she wrote a tongue in cheek item about the first woman Pope. Most recently June received an acknowledgement from Reader's Digest resulting from a contest entitled 'My life in 150 words.'

    When Jonathan died, June dedicated herself to giving meaning to his life. In his memoir, 'Yo God! Jay's Story' she pours out her heart and soul describing her continued connection with Jay in an effort to fulfill his wish: "to make a difference ". After 16 years the book has been published by Keith Publications as an Amazon ebook.

    Today, June facilitates a library adult writers group while putting finishing touches on a new work . When not tethered to the word processor, June enjoys her grandchildren, singing in the choir, reading, walks on the beach, seagulls and Yellow Labs romping in the sand.

    By June

    Yo God380x608 Yo God! Jays Story

    By June Capossela Kempf

    "Yo God! You got me into this, now get me out."
    That tough FTW in-your-face attitude masks a TLC softie, who meets his fate with courage, dignity and style. He was no ordinary poster kid. Jonathan's story will leave the reader questioning how he could manage all his conflicts - especially those dealing with faith.

    A compelling memoir, as told by the mother of a special needs child, striving to remain a regular kid while struggling with a devastating disease. How do they cope with the 'here and now' let alone the 'high and Almighty'?

    An award winning writer. June presents a unique spin on raising a special needs child in her stories and poems that only a loving,stricken mother can tell.