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    Cheryl Rees-Price-A Gala To Remember

    22 Sep 2014

    When you get a contract for a book it is a huge sense of achievement, especially for those of us who have waited years, overcoming rejection and often on the brink of giving up.

    It didn’t take much persuasion for me to agree to a celebration. I noted that a lot of authors have release parties, however these are done online.  I wanted a more traditional celebration, in the real world and face to face with people, and so the preparation for the book launch began.

    I made a list which included venue, entertainment, guest list and theme.

    The theme was difficult so I opted for old fashioned elegance, men in bow ties and ladies in evening gowns. (Everyone enjoys dressing up). The venue, an 18th century orangery complete with statues, fountains and a ruined abbey.


    The guest list comprised of 150 people. Family, business contacts, councillor and local vicar. All the local newspapers were contacted and given details of the launch.

    The book launch party took a year to prepare and was not without worry and stress. The time passed quickly and soon the big day arrived.

    Flowers, champagne and chocolates were delivered to my house with notes of well wishes. Family arrived and an atmosphere of Joy and excitement took over my home. We travelled to the venue in a limousine with many of the guest following by coach. The evening started with a champagne and canapés reception were guests mingled.


    Next we moved to a seated area where a podium had been set up with a lectern.At this point the nerves took over, this was to be my first time speaking in public. My mouth was dry and my heart racing as I stepped up onto the podium. When I started to speak a great cheer of encouragement erupted and I was able to deliver my speech without hesitation. Next my daughter and husband read an extract from the book. When I left the podium guest were already queuing up to purchase books. (And I was worried that I wouldn’t sell a book, it seemed I didn’t have enough!) The books sold out very quickly and I signed every copy. I really did feel like a star.


    The rest of the evening passed too quickly, trying to talk to all of my guest and fit in some dancing. It was certainly a night to remember.

    Were there any downsides to the launch?

    A few.

    Some of the guests didn’t turn up on the night so I could have invited more.


    I wish I had ordered more printed copies but it was difficult to estimate the amount that would sell.

    On the plus side?

    The evening was a great success both from a personal and marketing point of view. People are still talking about the party and posting pictures on social media.

    You get to feel like a celebrity for a day!

    Would I do it again?

    Who wouldn’t?





    Cheryl returned to education, studying philosophy, sociology and accountancy whilst working as a part time book keeper. She now works as a finance director for a company that delivers project management and accounting services and sits on the board of a local circus company.

    In her spare time Cheryl indulges in her passion for writing, the success of writing plays for local performances gave her the confidence to write her first novel. Her other hobbies include walking and gardening which free her mindto develop plots and create colorful characters.



     To find out more about Cheryl Rees-Price follow the link below.

    Website: http://cherylreesprice.weebly.com/

    Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Cheryl-Rees-Price/e/B00L2DS8QM/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

    Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/echoes-cheryl-rees-price/1120032372?ean=9781628820607

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ReesCheryl




    Leave a comment for your chance to win an Ebook copy of Cheryl Rees-Prices-Echoes!

    Blurb : Echoes

    It started as a nightmare, an unknown soldier, glimpses of a buried past.  Then a death and the nightmares turn into hauntings.  It’s time for secrets to be told.


    Alice is an ordinary woman, a good career, handsome husband and a comfortable home. But her life is suddenly thrown into turmoil when she begins to experience terrifying nightmares of a young soldier. These dreams set in motion a chain of events that irrevocably change her life.


    As the nightmares intensify and merge with reality Alice begins to sustain physical injury and sees the ghostly figure of the soldier in her waking hours.


    Fearing for her sanity Alice must find the identity of the soldier and the link that draws them together.  Her search takes her from New York to a sleepy village in Wales. Here she meets a cantankerous old man who holds the key to unlocking a sixty year old tragedy which will save Alice from a similar fate.



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