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JP Struck-A Little About the Author

19 Sep 2014

-I started writing NCIS Behind the Glory to both focus on and deal with the problems I was dealing with after my daughter's death and to right the wrong of malpractice against me by the Navy.

-My daughter, fifteen year old,is my inspiration.  She gives me ideas., She loves to read books online and tells me things, basic ideas, of what she thinks would be interesting and I expand on those ideas.

-Being from WV we have a strong history for the arts.  Seeing plays are an interesting way of developing books on.

-I love living in the country, in nature. Sometimes sitting on the back porch relaxing is a place I love to write.

-I have a vivid imagination which lends to a great writing process.  Sometimes I write about things I've experienced, in part, to add a dose of meaning and reality to my books.

 -I've written 25 books.  Some were based on others lives, others are about things I've seen  on the news.

-There's a book I've written was about a real life serial killer in WV that was never caught and it's been fifteen years since he was last seen or heard about.

-One of the hardest things I've ever done was as an ER RN when I had a woman drive a four wheeler up a hill drunk with nine kids on it, rolled it over killing two of the kids.  That was second only to losing my own daughter to SIDS,

-I think writing gives me a fresh perspective on things.  Like my ex-wife and I have a better relationship than ever before.

-For someone wanting to start writing, start with something you like.  It can be true stories, like a journal,  or something you like to do. Hunting or hiking are good examples.  You'll be surprised how far you can expand on that.

-Being honest  with yourself is important too.  Fiction isn't about being able to lie well, but it's about being able to tell a believable story that is able to catch attention and keep it.

-Sometimes a good fiction novel can make more sense than the life we live everyday.

-Keep good notes when you write.  Keeping even your small details  straight are key toa good story.

-Sometimes the research I do amounts to thicker note books than the book I'm writing.

-If you're gonna use a  character in more than one book keeping your character's details are very important. So like I said fiction isn't about telling good lies, but about making a good story with believability and it keeps your reader's attention.

-I've been told that it's unlikely that one can make a living as an author, but life is all about following your dreams and I'm determined not to give up on my dreams.  So don't give up on yours no matter what anybody tells you. If you're determined and persistent you'll get to where it is you wanna get to in life.


Short Bio:

I’m a Registered Nurse since 1997, my daughter passed away of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  My joining the Navy, shortly after her death, was a choice made by my wife and I to get away from what we thought would be negative stimuli that we were surrounded by there in Charleston, WV.  That turned out to be a bad idea with the feelings I kept bottled up inside started to come to the surface once I was separated from my family at Officer School in Rhode Island.  I’ve had a lot of issues to deal with over the years that have led me to writing.  This was my first novel and it helped to relieve a lot of my stress. The stress of the loss of my daughter was only aggravated by that of the Navy, but then again the military isn’t someplace to go to get better.  That statement couldn’t be any closer than the truth either.  If I hadn’t have joined the Navy life would be a completely different process.  I have a fifteen year old daughter, that is the light of my life, and her sister would have been sixteen months younger than her.  Together they’d have been a lethal force.


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Blurb of Book:

This is the true story of a young family that starts out in West Virginia with a young girl.  They have a second child, who is also a girl.  The young man is working run ragged as a Registered Nurse at the local trauma center in the Emergency Room during the week, going to college to satisfy the college classes he needs in addition to his undergraduate degree in nursing to qualify to get into veterinary (vet) medical school, and on Saturdays he works at a local animal hospital to satisfy the clinical requirements for his application to vet school as well.  On a good stretch of days he’s up for two days straight, but on a bad stretch he’s up for four plus days at a time trying to work both jobs, go to school and study.  It’s a strain to say the least, but then tragedy strikes.


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