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    Pimp Your Book!!

    26 May 2014


    G.E.Stils So your book, your baby, is live. It's published. Now what?

    Well you can sit back, take a deep breath and be happy to see your baby listed on Amazon or other distributors and hope for sales, but it is doubtful that will happen. Yes, a few of your close friends will likely buy it but…

    So what do you do? I'm certain you've heard the word we all dread… promo, short for promote or as some term it, pimp. You need to pimp your baby out. When you do this you have two goals, one selling your book of course, but the other thing, and this is more important in the long run, you must sell yourself.

    But how you ask?


     I can only answer that by telling you what I do, and believe me there are many promotion methods I don't use, or do poorly.

    1.      I assume you have a personal Facebook page. (and don't go there about assume making an ass out of you and me) If you don't have a page, get one. I would say on your personal page be yourself, but that isn't always good advice. Much like the hero in one of your books, create an online persona for yourself that is likable. You may be the serious type, that is fine or you may be humorous, that's fine too. Whichever way you choose to be, try to be likeable because if people like you and want to be your friends the chances a much better they will buy your books. I try to be humorous and a little sarcastic, but then I am that way in real life most of the time. Whatever you do, don't make negative comments or posts when things are not rosy for you in real life. If you want to talk about your problems or dislikes to a FB friend, send them a PM. Remember, everything you post or comment on, reflects on your business of being an author.  

    2.      Next, create an author page. Some people create a page for each book they have, I don't. Keeping each page updated I would find a pain in the butt.

    3.   Next create tag lines for your book(s) something about the book, passages, hints about what the book is about. Use your imagination. Make certain they are not too long, in fact the shorter and snappier the better. Here's an Example of one tag line I have for my book A Witch and Her Man.

    She has red hair, she has great looks, she has a well developed sense of humor, so why does someone want her dead? That is the question Jeff needs to answer before it's too late.

    If you have the talent and the software, make posters to go with you book buy links. The key is changeup. Don't post the same old thing each time.

    4.    Next, include a buy link for you book. You can use the URL at the top of the page (in this case the Amazon page which is the most common one we use)  I prefer to use the shorter one available by clicking on the email envelope next to the share on the book page. http://amzn.com/B00AH6OS7I  If you can't find it contact me and I will help you locate it.

     5.    Post your promo and buy link to your pages. Then ask your friends to share. The more sharing you get, the better. If your friends are authors, please be certain to share their posts on your pages. It is a win, win for both of you because it is almost certain you don't have all friends in common.

      6.       Don't just post promo on your pages though, that becomes tiresome for your friends to look at. You need to post things that will generate interest. Things you have done, pictures of places you have been to, or want to go to. Interesting things you have shared from other postings, the possibilities are unending. One thing I caution about, don't discuss or make comments concerning politics or religion and avoid making inflammatory remarks. Just my advice. You are representing yourself to people of wide beliefs and many of them are not the same as yours. Don't argue. Even if you win the argument, you will lose in the end by losing at least one friend, potential buyer, and likely more than one. Example: Most of my books are erotic romance so each day I post racy pictures of a couple, a hot looking man for the ladies, and a sexy babe for the men. Overtime my followers have come to expect these posting each day and I know my friends see them because if something comes up and I don't post that day, I hear about it in comments or PMs. (grin) If they are seeing my picture posts, they are seeing my promo posts too.

    7.        If you like to blog, I'm woefully bad at doing that, but if you blog, it gives you another place to promote yourself and your books.

    8.        When you get your book published, strongly consider having a book release event. Either hold one yourself, get other authors to co-host, or if you have the cash to spare have someone do it for you. There are many promoters on FB that will do that for you. I won't go into all the details about hosting an event. Do some research is what I suggest. Go to other events and learn at them.

    9.       Next, there are many groups on FB that allow you to post your promos on their page. Join them and make certain you read their "About" entry so you know how they want you to post. There are Pages that will post your promos. Most of these I have encountered ask that you pm them with a request and not just post on your own. CAUTION: when you message them with your request, be polite. Use common sense. You are asking for their help. You know, use the word "please" and when they answer, the words "thank you." I will send you my list of pages if you contact me and ask for it. Do not post on these group pages or request posting from the individual pages every day. Three or four times per week is about right in my opinion. Don't post the same old thing on your own pages each day either. If you have more than one book, then fine, post promo for different ones on different days.

    10.      Have a sale of your books at a discounted price. This you will need to coordinate with your publisher.

    11.       Share reviews. By this, I mean you give a PDF copy of your book to a fellow author to read and they post a review on your Amazon or other page. In return, you do the same for them. Usually the greater number of reviews a book has, the better it sells.

    12.       You can have contests. Yes, I have held them at the events I have hosted and participated in, but you can now have them on your author/fan page. I am just getting started on this so I'm not very familiar with it. For prizes you can make, if you have the talent and the time, or buy, swag items to give away to the winners. I'm trying out rafflecopter an online company that stages contests for you. I don't know how well it will work since this is the first time I have used them.  

    13.        Of course, there are many other forms of social media out there not just FB. Google +, Tweeter, Pinterest, Tumbler and many others. I'm not saying you should be active in all of them, I'm not either, but I think you should at least have an account in many. The name of the game is getting exposure. The more people that see your name and your books the better your sales will be.

    14.      I spend several hours each day on promotions. You may spend more, or if you have another job that you work at, you may spend less. I could go on and on about promoting, which is just as important as writing the book itself if you wish to sell it, but I don't want do that here. You likely don't have the patience to read a lengthy discussion of the subject. So in closing I say, promote yourself and your book(s), it will pay in the end.

     15.        I write under the name of G.E. Stills. If you are not my friend already, I invite you to become one. Send me a request. Please be advised though, I write erotica and my pages are adult in nature. Many of the pictures, discussions, and comments are adult in content. The link to my page is  https://www.facebook.com/gary.stillman?fref=photo 

            16.    My author page is https://www.facebook.com/AuthorGEStills Please enter the link to your page in the comments section of my author page and I will like yours if I haven't already.

    Everything I have said above is just what I do, or my opinions, and not necessarily the correct or best way to do things. You must develop your own methods to do things, just as each writer has his/her own style. Happy selling everyone. Woot! Woot!

    Have you tried any of these methods and how have they worked for you?      

      How do you promote your books and or yourself?






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